Safety is an obvious consideration for all sign companies.
At New England Sign Group, it’s our top priority.

We consistently invest in training and equipment to keep our employees safe and healthy every day.

A Culture of Safety begins at the top. Every member of our team, from the CEO to our Safety Officer to those in the field promote safe practices by identifying and managing risk through recognition, evaluation, education and action.

  • All employees complete 10 hours of OSHA training in their first week before entering our workforce.
  • We provide regular in-house safety training sessions for all staff.
  • We regularly perform unannounced on-site safety inspections of our crews.
  • Our Safety Officer conducts on-going Tool Box Talks.
  • We consistently perform on-site safety planning for specific projects.

Our focus on safety benefits our clients.
A safe site means a well-organized project that creates an environment where high quality standards are met.

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